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The game of Dice Chess is gaining popularity in the oldest school in the Baltic States

Chess Results

On April 24, 2024, the public benefit organization Dice Chess, in collaboration with Riga State Gymnasium No.1, organized a dice chess tournament. The tournament took place at RSG1, one of the oldest and most beautiful Livonian heritage buildings in Riga. Riga State Gymnasium No.1 was founded as early as 1211 and initially was called the Dome School. Over the centuries, the school has changed its name several times but has always continued to operate as an educational institution. In 2011, the school celebrated its 800th anniversary.

Only students from Riga State Gymnasium No.1 participated in the tournament. Despite the busy schedule with upcoming exams and end-of-year assessments, a group of students found time after classes to participate in our Dice Chess tournament. Among them were both players with a high level of chess skills and simply enthusiasts of the game who wanted to test their abilities. The age of the students varied greatly, from U-14 to U-20.

The battles were exciting and intense. The final games aroused great interest from the other participants. After finishing their own games, they continued eagerly watching the chess battles of their opponents. There were also students who, between game rounds, played Dice Chess among themselves with excitement.

The winner of the Riga State Gymnasium No.1 tournament was Kārlis Veide, who maintained a 100% record until the last round – 10 wins out of 10! Despite a setback in the final round against Kārlis Līcis, it did not hinder him from retaining the leader position and clinching the 1st place. In second place with 9 points was Vsevolods Ščadilovs, and in third, trailing by 1 point from the second place, was Kārlis Līcis. Interestingly, this time there were no ties among the tournament winners. Prizes were also awarded to Filips Freibergs, Matīss Lazdiņš, and Edvards Goldbergs.

List of winners by points and places:

1st place – Kārlis Veide (10 points)

2nd place – Vsevolods Ščadilovs (9 points)

3rd place – Kārlis Līcis (8 points)

4th place – Filips Freibergs (7 points)

5th place – Matīss Lazdiņš (7 points)

6th place – Edvards Goldbergs (6 points)

All results can be viewed here –

The public benefit organization “Dice Chess Federation” expresses its sincere gratitude to all participants, as well as to Riga State Gymnasium No.1, and looks forward to further cooperation! We welcome all interested parties to our future tournaments!

Until we meet again! 😊

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