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Summer Tournament is over! Here the results

Chess Results

The latest Dice Chess tournament took place on June 18th in the comfortable and pleasant “Tallink Hotel Riga”, as part of the chess festival “Riga Summer.”
As always, the tournament ran smoothly, and all the participants had a great time. Additionally, all 34 players – of different age categories – received a present from Dice Chess.
The competition over the boards turned out to be riveting, with the players creating many exciting battles to watch. An example of such a player was Konstantin Gudovskis. From the very beginning, Konstantin played his best chess but also had much luck on his side as he began his climb to the top. Because of his two games (which Konstantin both won), the intrigue continued well into the last rounds of the competition.

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We would like to praise the top finishers: 1st place – Gudovskis Konstantins, 2nd place – Vingris Mikelis, 3rd place – Makovenko Oleg, 4th place – Salna Aleksandras, 5th place – Briker Aleksandr, and 6th place – Muzis Renars.

Additionally, to applaud the winner of the “juniors” category – Springis Jevgenijs and the top female finisher – Gordievich Larisa. Also, to give a separate shoutout to twins Jekabs and Ansis Kantans, each of whom received a prize for being the youngest participants!
Congratulations to everyone for playing such amazing games and finishing with great results! We look forward to seeing you and your friends at our future tournaments! A special thank-you to one of the many organizers of the chess festival “Riga Summer” Yana Yazdanova, the tournament directors Albert Cimins and Matiss Mustaps, and our wonderful YouTube blogger Ivan Kolesnikov. You can find the games played on the official Dice Chess YouTube channel: As we conclude this tournament, I would like to quote Matiss Mustaps (one of the tournament directors as well as a participant in the tournament): ” I love this game and want to play it more and more.”

Results are available here.

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