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III Dice Chess tournament


Unlike the previous chess tournaments, the third tournament at Victory Pub was granted the international status.

With just one week after the latest tournament, on Wednesday, February 13th, the third Dice Chess tournament was held at Victory Pub, a bar in the Old City. Just like last time, the players expected to play 6 double rounds with a time control of 6 min + 6 sec increment. There were 20 players in total, one of whom represented Australia.

This time, luck and skill were on Igor Smorodinskiy’s side. During the tournament, he was in clear first with 7/8, and he was able to remain at the top to secure first place with 9/12 points. With just a 1-point difference, Matiss Mustaps finished in second, and with 7/12, IM Vladimir Sveshnikov came in third.
The fight for the bronze medal was very tough, as nine players finished with 7 points. WGM Ilze Berzina, Konstantin Gudovskiy, and Linda Krumina also made it into the top six. Our Australian player Adam Lambro finished the tournament in the top 10.
More information, as well as the results, can be found at

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