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II Dice Chess tournament


Five players are leading the second tournament “Victory pub,” and as of now, Konstantin Godovskiy is ahead of the others. On Wednesday, February 6th, another tournament was played in “Victory pub,” which is located in the Old City. 15 players participated, two of whom were women. There were 6 double rounds, with the time control being 6 min + 6 sec increment.

We would like to thank Ivo Gubanov, the director of this tournament, for giving us an opportunity to host the tournament, as well as our TD and an arbiter of FIDE Albert Cimins. The battles were hard-fought, and it was hard for anyone to grab a definite lead as it was a close call each round. At the end, five Dice Chess players scored 8 points, and two more players scored six points each.

With the best performance, Konstantin Gudovskiy ended up first. In second place came IM Vladimir Sveshnikov, WFM Linda Kurmina came in third, fourth place went to Anda Krauze, Alexander Briker (also with 8 points) finished in fifth, and with 7 points, Victor Miroshichenko came in sixth. More information about the tournament can be found at

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