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Dice Chess Spring 2023

Chess Results

In cooperation with the organizers of the Latvian School Chess Olympiad, the Dice Chess tournament was held for the second year in a row. The tournament took place in one of the largest conference halls in Baltic countries “ATTA CENTRE”.

This year, 39 students from all over Latvia participated in the tournament. Among them were four champions and three vice-champions of their respective age groups of the 2023 Latvian Youth Chess Championship, as well as a bronze medal winner of the 2023 Latvian Men’s Chess Championship.

The tournament was played according to the Swiss system (6 double rounds) with a time control of 5 minutes + 5 seconds per move for each player.

The battle was very tight as before the last round, five participants were sharing first place with 8 points! After the final game, four participants were left with 9, and the Buchholz coefficient decided as follows:


1st place – Beniosev Daniel (9 points)

2nd place – Aleksejevs Daniils (9 points)

3rd place – Tolmaceva Alona (9 points) – 1st place for girls

4th place – Otrohovs Maksims (9 points)

5th place – Lisovskis Dmitrijs (8 points)

6th place – Strekalovs Ernests (8 points)

7th place – Lazars Krisjanis (8 points)

8th place – Maklakova Naomi (7 points) – 2nd place for girls

10th place – Kromane Laura (7 points) – 3rd place for girls


Surprise prizes were won Veidemane Emma, Pivovarovs Matvejs Zeliks and Kuznecova Marija.

All results can be viewed here –

We thank all participants, parents, judges, organizers and look forward to meeting you in future tournaments!

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