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Chess Results

We are very pleased with the achievements and positive feedback from our first tournament ‘CRAZY KING.’ Therefore, we are excited to announce that on Saturday, April 13, 2024, the second youth tournament ‘DICE CHESS LAZY QUEEN’ will take place at the Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel in collaboration with the Baltic Chess Academy. The rules remain the same – participants can compete individually or in teams. A team consists of 2 people, where one is a youth under 18 years old, and the other is their relative without age restrictions.

The tournament will follow the Swiss system – 6 double rounds (two games with each opponent, totaling 12 games). Each participant will have 5 minutes per game + 5 seconds for each move made. The prize fund is planned to be 250 EUR, with prizes awarded both individually and in the team category. More detailed information is available in the tournament regulations.

To register, you can contact the chief arbiter Alberts Cimins at phone +371 28 804 664 or email [email protected], or the assistant arbiter Matis Mustaps at phone +371 246 67760. On-site registration will also be possible in case of available slots. The entry fee for the tournament is 5 EUR, to be paid by bank transfer before 12.04.2024.


We look forward to seeing you at our tournament! MORE FUN TOGETHER! 😊

* – Adult participants can take part in the tournament only if their close relative under the age of 18 is also participating in the tournament.

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