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The second “Dice Chess Cup Victory Pub” tournament has concluded

Chess Results

The second “Dice Chess Cup Victory Pub” tournament concluded on December 12 in Old Riga at the premises of Victory Pub. The tournament was organized by the “Dice Chess Federation” in collaboration with the Riga Chess Club. Similar to the previous tournament, 20 players participated, all of which were Latvian players.

The tournament format consisted of 6 double rounds with a time control of 5 minutes + 5 seconds per move. The competition was intense, as evidenced by the fact that players from 1st to 7th place had the same number of points. Based on additional criteria, the championship title this time went to Andrejs Mihailovs (8 points). The second place was secured by Staņislavs Luka Stroževs (8 points), and the third place went to Anatolijs Aļipovs (8 points). The best among the women was the European Chess Champion of the year, Agnesa Stepania Ter-Avetisjana (8 points), and the S50 prize among seniors was awarded to Igors Smorodinskis (8 points).

You can check the tournament results here – results.

The Dice Chess Federation congratulates everyone on the upcoming New Year! We look forward to welcoming all participants on January 10, 2024, at the next “Dice Chess Victory Pub” tournament.

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