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The first tournament “Dice Chess Cup Victory Pub 2023 – I” has concluded

Chess Results

This year, on November 28th, the “Dice Chess Cup Victory Pub 2023 – I” tournament took place, organized by the Dice Chess Federation in collaboration with the Riga Chess Club. The tournament was held in the cozy premises of Victory Pub in the Old Town, where chess enthusiasts from various countries, with diverse experience and age differences, occasionally gather for chess games. This time, a representative from the USA also participated in the tournament.

The tournament consisted of 6 double rounds with a time control of 5 minutes + 5 seconds per move. The champion of the tournament was a Dice Chess professional Kirils Bogdanovičs, who scored 9 points out of 12. The second place was determined by tiebreakers, with Artjoms Šutovs securing it with 8 points. The third place went to Ali Tahir (8 points). The best among the women was Viktorija Žiļajeva (8 points), and the senior prize was claimed by Anatolijs Aļipovs (7 points).

All the results can be viewed here – results.

The “Dice Chess Federation” expresses gratitude to all participants for their involvement and invites everyone to the next Dice Chess Victory Pub cup competition, coming very soon on December 12, 2023!

Good luck to all, and let’s meet again at the tournaments organized by the “Dice Chess Federation”!

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