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IV Dice Chess tournament


With single-round games this time, Matiss Mustaps emerged as the clear winner.

After almost a month of no tournaments, another Dice Chess tournament was held in the Old City’s pub “Victory Pub.” On Thursday, April 10th, 15 players from three countries – Latvia, Austrlalia, and Singapore – got togeter to play.

In search of the best format for future Dice Chess tournaments, the regulations were changed. Instead of playing double rounds, there were now 13 single-round games played against different opponents. The time control was also a bit quicker: 5 min + 5 sec increment.

Finishing with six consecutive wins, the winner of the tournament became FM Matiss Mustaps. He played well in the previous tournaments but didn’t have enough for first place. However, this time, luck was on his side, and even though he only scored 3 points out of the first 7 rounds, everything changed after the six wins.

Four players finished with 8 points. Based on tie-breaks, second through fifth place, respectively, were awarded to Ivan Kolesnikov, Adam Lambro (Australia), Anda Krauze, and IM Vladimir Sveshnikov.
In sixth place, with 7 points, came Artis Auzins, and our guest from Singapore, Yuanshi Chen, finished in seventh.
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The tournament was able to happen because of the generous bar owner Ivo Gubanov and our FIDE arbiter Albert Cimins.

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