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“DiceChess Crazy King” blows the roof off of Pullman Hotel

Chess Results

In collaboration with the “Baltic Chess Academy,” the public benefit organization “Dice Chess Federation” organized the Dice Chess tournament “Crazy King” on the afternoon of March 2nd. The tournament took place in the heart of Riga, in the Old Town, at one of the luxurious 5-star hotels, “Pullman Riga Old Town.” In the cozy rooms, 77 chess enthusiasts, both young and experienced players, gathered along with fans of strategic games. Among the participants were frequent attendees of Dice Chess tournaments, past winners, and newcomers.

Our organization was genuinely pleased with the large number of participants. A total of 31 teams took part in the tournament. Team compositions varied, including Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, Brother-Brother, Sister-Brother, Grandfather-Grandson, and more. All seventy-seven participants determined the champions in individual and family categories during 6 double-rounds in the Dice Chess tournament “Crazy King.” This format of the Dice Chess tournament was played for the first time. The tournament consisted of 6 double rounds with a time control of 5+5.

The atmosphere at the tournament was very friendly, considering it was a sports competition; the spirit of competition and the desire to win were palpable among both teams and individual participants. The supporters and fans, regardless of the results, continued to cheer for their heroes, creating a positive atmosphere. Despite most children and parents spending the whole day at another chess tournament before the Dice Chess event, no one missed the opportunity to participate in this charitable event. March 2nd became a true chess celebration for all participants, as evidenced by the fully packed hall, reaching the maximum possible number of participants.

The battles were intense. While Jaroslavs Orlovskis secured a leading position in the individual rankings from the very first round, the team rankings were decided by a photo finish. Thanks to a smaller total of individual placements, Kristaps and Ģirts Teņi claimed the first place this time.


Tournament Winners:

Individual Rankings:

1st place – Jaroslavs Orlovskis (11 points)

2nd place – Nikita Jeparovs (10 points)

3rd place – Iskander Aliev (9 points)

4th place – Maksims Otrohovs (9 points)

5th place – Andrejs Freibergs (9 points)


Team Rankings:

1st place – Kristaps and Ģirts Teņi (16 points)

2nd place – Pāvels and Liora Zeigermaheri (16 points)

3rd place – Iskander and Arif Alievi (16 points)

Youngest participant – David Beniosev (born in 2018)

Youngest female participant – Anna Čirkova (born in 2015)

Surprise prizes awarded to – Vitālijs Romanovskis and Arsēnijs Panteļējevs


We express our gratitude to all participants, parents, and supporters!

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We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming tournaments in April!


Dice Chess Federation Team,


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