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Chess Results

On August 9th , a Dice Chess tournament was held in the International Exhibition Centre “Ķīpsala” as a part of one of the largest chess festivals in Northern Europe – RTU Open.

The tournament was conducted according to the Swiss system (6 double rounds) with a time control of 5 minutes + 5 seconds per move for each participant.

This year, 38 participants from Latvia, Lithuania and Germany took part in the tournament, with young players dominating. The games were exciting and dynamic, which was evidenced by the participants’ willingness to analyse the games after they had been played.

This year’s prize fund amounted to €400, plus various “surprise” prizes. The prizes were divided into categories – main prizes, women’s prizes, junior prizes and senior prizes.


1st place – Kristaps Tenis (9 points)

2nd place – Marija Krumiņa (9 points)

3rd place – Davids Pikšis (9 points)

4th place – Ivan Kolesnikov (8 points)

5th place – Dominik Bitenieks (8 points)

6th place – Eduard Sprindzuk Golubtsov (8 points)

7th place – Ernests Treimanis (7 points)


Dmitrijs Lisovskis (8 points) – 1st place U-18

Nikita Posaskov (8 points) – 2nd place U-18

Martynas Misiuk (7 points) – 3rd place U-18

Ernests Vilšķērsts (7 points) – 4th place U-18

Kirill Bogdanovich (6 points) – 5th place U-18


Anastasija Parhomenko (8 points) – 1st place for women

Uldis Melderis (7 points) – 1st place S-50


“Surprise” prizes were awarded to the youngest players Elizabeth Seleznev U-8 (5 points) and Ralfs Kuklis U-10 (5 points), as well as the best foreign player Valdas Bucinskas (6 points).


Full results can be found here –


Looking back on the tournament, the atmosphere was very positive and friendly . It was not only exciting for the youngsters, but also for the adult players. We are very happy about the participation from foreign players.

We are thankful to all participants, parents and arbiters, and look forward to seeing you at the next tournaments!  😊

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