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Chess Results

The school year is approaching the finish line, and summer is no longer behind the hills. Summer is the most beloved time for students when everyone can relax and take it easy. That’s why our ‘Lazy Queen’ greeted all the tournament participants with a smile—summer is also her favorite time of the year.

The public benefit organization ‘Dice Chess Federation’ in collaboration with the ‘Baltic Chess Academy’ organized the dice chess tournament ‘Dice Chess Lazy Queen’ on April 13 at the 5-star hotel ‘Pullman Riga Old Town.’

61 participants and 21 family teams sat at the tables to determine the strongest individuals and teams.

The battles were exciting, as evidenced by the fact that participants were glued to their tables in the last rounds. Even the spectators were ready to sit in the players’ seats and show how they would play better 🙂

As usual, it must be noted that the tournament took place in a fun and positively charged atmosphere.

One of the most significant advantages of this tournament was the opportunity for young people to involve their parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters in their activities and together strive for top positions and cool prizes.

Among the tournament participants this time, there were many newcomers. The interest in Dice Chess continues to grow among children and their parents. But for the second time in a row, the tournament’s winner was Jaroslavs Orlovskis, a seasoned Dice Chess player! Congratulations!”

Individual scores:

  1. Jaroslavs Orlovskis – 10 points
  2. Augusts Boleiko – 9 points
  3. Dmitrijs Lisovskis – 9 points
  4. Maksims Līgotnis – 9 points
  5. Melānija Luīze Jansone –  8 points

Team scores:

  1. Augusts & Františeks Boleiko – 17 points
  2. Dmitrijs & Oļegs Lisovski – 16 points
  3. Maksims & Viktors Līgotņi – 16 points

The youngest participants were Tīna Lārmane and Davids Beniosevs.


The Dice Chess Federation expresses gratitude to all participants, participants’ parents, and spectators! See you soon at the next tournaments!



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